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Deployment via CircleCI

We use CircleCI to handle automated build-test-deploy cycles when PRs and releases are created from the GitHub Repository

Environment Variables

The following environment variables should be set within the CircleCI Environment, or via CircleCI Contexts

Firebase Deployment

The most secure way to provide the CI system access to deploy to firebase is by creating a service worker account with relevant permissions and storing the credentials as an environment variable (see this Github Issue for more info)


If using multiple projects (e.g. staging/production) these can be configured in different contexts.

When configuring a service account the following permissions should be assigned:

Firebase Admin SDK Administrator Service Agent
Cloud Functions Service Agent
Cloud Functions Admin
Firebase Hosting Admin
Cloud RuntimeConfig Admin

Alternatively, a FIREBASE_TOKEN environment variable can be created and set (See the Firebase Docs), however this is less preferable as the token would provide access to all a user's firebase projects

Slack Notifications

Send slack notifications on deploy success/fail/approval-hold:


Currently passed with circle-ci-slack-context context See circleci slack orb for info)

Runtime Variables

Any variables prefixed with REACT_APP_ are automatically included with the runtime build. Currently we require:

Firebase configuration


Sentry error tracking


Google Analytics


Misc Variables

Proposed (but not currently implemented)


Google APIs

To deploy from service_account the following APIs will also need to be enabled for the project:

Functions Variables

Additional config used in cloud functions has also been included via firebase functions:config:set E.g. discord_webhook, slack_webhook,

TODO - This requires further documentation (and possibly merging)