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Tech Stack

The platform is built in React, Mobx,Typescript and theme-ui


For styling we use the popular CSS in JS library emotion. Alongside this we use theme-ui to encourage a theme orientated constraint-based design approach.

If you never used it before don't worry, it makes a lot of sense and you'll just need a bit of further reading and to dive into our codebase.

In the long term, we would like to allow easy theme swapping by simply changing the theme file for anyone.

All of the current themes can be within packages/themes/, currently there are 3 available:

  • Precious Plastic
  • Project Kamp
  • Fixing Fashion

Make sure .SVG images are optimised before adding them to the repository. This is a good tool to use


You can find all the basic stateless components in src/packages/components, there are more information available within the README for this package